Reflections half way through Day 2

Yesterday was a blur in the best sense of the word. The highlight for me was listening to Jim Collins. So much of what he said resonates. I want to be a Level 5 Executive! I love to have them all on the bus with me! His words resonate and in education, we need to listen! So much of what we do is to fight for the status quo. “Bureaucracy is compensating for the incompetent” is so true.

Sessions yesterday were hard to choose from, and the same this morning. The Thought Leader session with Charlotte Danielson was incredible. The information is not so much new as it is true. She keeps improving with research and each new addition of her work just builds on the last. I am looking forward to checking out the tools on her website.

Spending time at the Marketplace was also quite enlightening. It is fun to see vendors I already to business with and also fun to learn new ideas and ways to do things we take for granted. In my opinion, the marketplace is like networking — it is where you go to quickly assess dozens of new ideas and you choose how deep you want to go or if you just want to peruse. Well worth the time.

Headed out now for the Dr. Effie H Jones Memorial Luncheon. I am looking forward to hearing about Why Race Still Matters. See you soon.

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