Social Media: How District Leaders Can Build Community

I am enjoying my first day at the National Conference on Education.  This morning I had the chance to present — Social Media:  How District Leaders Can Build Community. The slideshow is available here.

The conversation in the room with Superintendents from across North America was very similar to the conversations we are having in British Columbia.  The same concerns came up including:

  • how to find time to add this expectation to our existing responsibilities
  • the relationship between the Superintendent’s blog and the District / Board
  • the worry that one or two negative voices can hijack social media in a community

There are similar conversations happening in most districts — we know we need to be in the social media space, but we are not sure how to start. And then, the longer we wait, the more we feel like we are falling behind.

As I said at the end, when it comes to social media:  Don’t Talk About It — BE About It!

Hopefully as the conference continues more will engage on Twitter using the #NCE13 hashtag.

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