2013 Conference Blog

Relevant, Thoughtful and Innovative Takeaways

As the conference came to an end this week, my head was full and my iPad was humming. This opportunity to spend three days with colleagues from all over the country, talking education policy and hearing different ideas, all the while knowing we are facing similar challenges (testing, funding, sequestration, union challenges) gives me strength [...]

What a Thought-Provoking Conference!

For the last day of the conference, I attended the Thought Leader Session: Failure is NOT an Option with Alan Blankstein and the concluding General Session with Yong Zhao.

Blankstein related the current status of public education to what Ed Ziegler used to say:

We are not as bad as the public believes.
We still need [...]

We Need to Reinvent the Schools We Have Inherited

This comment by Linda Darling Hammond yesterday resonated with me in so many ways. We have inherited schools designed for the industrial age, that lets everyone in and keeps no one out, and where we teach rote learning to the masses. What we need to reinvent are schools that are safe and  encourage engagement and [...]

Developing 21st Century Learners and Productive Citizens

The second day of the conference was another busy day! I participated in the Project Based Learning (PBL) Education Session, the Thought Leader Session with Deb Delisle, The Effie Jones Luncheon featuring speaker Dr. Tyrone Howard, and the General Session with Linda Darling-Hammond.

Education Session: PBL
Begin with the end in mind.

In the PBL [...]

Sessions Inform Superintendents at AASA Conference

Please view my latest video blog illustrating the many sessions that superintendents are attending at AASA in Los Angeles. Thank you. Charles Maranzano, Jr.

Reflections half way through Day 2

Yesterday was a blur in the best sense of the word. The highlight for me was listening to Jim Collins. So much of what he said resonates. I want to be a Level 5 Executive! I love to have them all on the bus with me! His words resonate and in education, we need to [...]

Friday morning at AASA in Los Angeles

Here is a little insight Friday morning at the AASA National Conference from Blogger Charles Maranzano, Jr. Please see the attached video here. Charles Maranzano, Jr.

Opening General Session is a Hit at AASA Convention

Dr. William Roberts, the 2008 Nevada Superintendent of the Year, and AASA member offers some comments on the opening general session. I interviewed him at the Headquarters J.W. Marriott hotel today, Feb. 22, 2013. Please see the attached video. Thanks for watching! Charles Maranzano, Jr.
Watch here

Inspirational Day 1 of Conference

Today was the first day of the AASA National Conference on Education. It has been a very productive day packed with sessions that both validated my thoughts and practices as a leader and provoked me to reflect on ways to grow and improve. From teacher evaluation to 21st Century Learning to going from good to [...]

5 Things You Are Talking About

I am interested to connect with my American Superintendent colleagues and compare the work that I do as Superintendent in British Columbia, Canada with those south of the border.  And, there is a lot the same — we share the important role of working with elected Boards, we have a focus on 21st century learning, [...]