ARCHIVES: 2012 Conference Blog

Knowledge to Action

As we wrap up #NCE14 and reflect upon our time together in Nashville a few thoughts come to mind …
We learned that underneath we all taste like chicken. What are the six words that describe your leadership? Your school district?
We were reminded that public education is under attack by those who seek to profit from [...]

Connecting with Colleagues

Day 1 at #NCE14 is a great time to reconnect with colleagues from across the country. Whether it’s connecting via social media or over coffee, the chance to talk with our colleagues is invaluable.
When we do we learn that across the nation school leaders are facing similar issues of growing inequality and unfriendly state legislatures? [...]

Your Association at Work

When you think of AASA what comes to mind? Is it the National Conference on Education? Is it the School Administrator magazine? Maybe it’s an AASA staffer. For 140 or so leaders across the country, and Canada, it is our work on the Governing Board.
The Governing Board is made up of representatives from each state [...]

Continuing the Conversation

The gathering in Houston provided a great venue for us to recharge the batteries and add tools to our repertoire.  As we return home, we need to make a commitment to continue the sharing of both successes and failures in an effort to continue the learning.  For me, the sessions on the Power of the [...]

It’s about the human connection!

As I reflect on the passion and the energy with which Freeman Hrabowski delivered his address last evening, I was reminded about the importance of the human connection in this current age of accountability.
His riveting story about the student that rose from his birth in a crack house and his development years in foster homes, [...]

Time to Take on Political Forces out to Destroy Public Education

Attending the Third General Session I was intrigued by the comments offered concerning the goals of AASA and how the current political climate and the interests of political forces in our country appear to be in conflict with the basic core mission of American public education:  To provide the basis for an informed citizenry in [...]

Senior Year Initiatives

Another interesting session I attended at AASA in Houston concerned itself with a not-so-new dilemma: the senior year in high school.  As a former high school administrator I am always concerned about the rigor of our educational offerings to students as they begin to transition from their last year of formal public education to the [...]

Round Robin Sessions Prove to be Invaluable at AASA

This superintendent found the Round Robin Sessions to be very useful as they were interactive and collaborative in nature at the AASA National Conference on Education.  With the movement away from what I characterize as a “snapshot” approach to accountability (standardized test scores) to a more complete “motion picture” (growth model) I was pleased to [...]

What is happening in other states?

One of the most interesting benefits to the National Conference on Education is the opportunity to learn from other administrators about what is happening around the nation. It seems like you can always find someone to share an idea with and inevitably you find out that they have a problem even bigger than yours!
Yesterday, I ran into a [...]

Jamie Vollmer’s Revealing List: A Must Read for Educators

I was intrigued by one particular comment that Jamie Vollmer made during the opening general session:  see what you think.  Jamie said basically that our mission as public schools has shifted significantly.  We are no longer tasked with the job of teaching children…rather we are now expected to raise children.  This was a rather profound [...]