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Sessions Inform Superintendents at AASA Conference

Please view my latest video blog illustrating the many sessions that superintendents are attending at AASA in Los Angeles. Thank you. Charles Maranzano, Jr.

Friday morning at AASA in Los Angeles

Here is a little insight Friday morning at the AASA National Conference from Blogger Charles Maranzano, Jr. Please see the attached video here. Charles Maranzano, Jr.

Opening General Session is a Hit at AASA Convention

Dr. William Roberts, the 2008 Nevada Superintendent of the Year, and AASA member offers some comments on the opening general session. I interviewed him at the Headquarters J.W. Marriott hotel today, Feb. 22, 2013. Please see the attached video. Thanks for watching! Charles Maranzano, Jr.
Watch here

AASA Superintendents Research Roundtable Kicks off Conference

This is Charles Maranzano, Jr. On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend the AASA Superintendent’s Research Roundtable. I learned that AASA has conducted a comprehensive salary study of all superintendents across the country and posted the associated video blog about this topic. Since ERA is no longer conducting this type of [...]

Welcome to the AASA National Conference

Please click here to view a video from Dr. Charles Maranzano

Time to Take on Political Forces out to Destroy Public Education

Attending the Third General Session I was intrigued by the comments offered concerning the goals of AASA and how the current political climate and the interests of political forces in our country appear to be in conflict with the basic core mission of American public education:  To provide the basis for an informed citizenry in [...]

Senior Year Initiatives

Another interesting session I attended at AASA in Houston concerned itself with a not-so-new dilemma: the senior year in high school.  As a former high school administrator I am always concerned about the rigor of our educational offerings to students as they begin to transition from their last year of formal public education to the [...]

Round Robin Sessions Prove to be Invaluable at AASA

This superintendent found the Round Robin Sessions to be very useful as they were interactive and collaborative in nature at the AASA National Conference on Education.  With the movement away from what I characterize as a “snapshot” approach to accountability (standardized test scores) to a more complete “motion picture” (growth model) I was pleased to [...]

Jamie Vollmer’s Revealing List: A Must Read for Educators

I was intrigued by one particular comment that Jamie Vollmer made during the opening general session:  see what you think.  Jamie said basically that our mission as public schools has shifted significantly.  We are no longer tasked with the job of teaching children…rather we are now expected to raise children.  This was a rather profound [...]

Opening AASA Session Stimulates Audience

AASA Conference was off to an electrifying start today.  Jamie Vollmer “lit up” the capacity audience at the opening general session this afternoon with a compelling message about what he characterized as the “great conversation” concerning public education.  The audience responded enthusiastically to his presentation and the need for our communities to learn more intimately [...]