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5 Things You Are Talking About

I am interested to connect with my American Superintendent colleagues and compare the work that I do as Superintendent in British Columbia, Canada with those south of the border.  And, there is a lot the same — we share the important role of working with elected Boards, we have a focus on 21st century learning, [...]

Social Media: How District Leaders Can Build Community

I am enjoying my first day at the National Conference on Education.  This morning I had the chance to present — Social Media:  How District Leaders Can Build Community. The slideshow is available here.
The conversation in the room with Superintendents from across North America was very similar to the conversations we are having in British [...]

Getting Ready for the NCE

I am looking forward to blogging from the NCE next week. This will be my first time attending the event. I do get a number of opportunities to connect with superintendents across Canada, but I look forward to connecting with my American colleagues. I will try to use the blog to make comparisons between my [...]